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The Insight Smart ENT unit is designed to provide ENT specialists with an optimal solution. The unit integrates all the clinique equipments and systems all together. It includes instrument trays, drawers of large capacity, and it supports for flexible endoscopes, monitors, as well as a smart control system for all equipments, chair, lights, and monitors. The unit is provided with a software that supports the diagnosing process and acts as a Clinique management system. Additional features & accessories may be combined and upgraded to meet your clinique special needs. All required functions and diagnostic equipments are perfectly arranged to provide ergonomic working conditions. The unit is available in many colours to suit your clinic style. All modules can be adapted on site allowing you to upgrade your system to meet your changing clinic requirements.

High Quality

The Insight Smart ENT unit is of high quality that meets your expectations with a reasonable price.

Software & Hardware

The software and hardware platform in the unit allows for interaction between the ENT specialist and other specialists or medicine students via sharing live endscope camera.

Our Goal

Our goal is to modernize and equip all ENT clinics with a smart unit to make their work easier

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Starting in 2020, Insight MedTech products offer medical providers, especially ENT specialists and Hospitals with affordable high tech complete solutions that help them to do their job with more accuracy, flexibility, and with the least hassle.

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We care about making life cleaner, healthier and better. That’s why we've spent over a century creating innovative, quality products that work.

Insight Smart ENT UNIT

The unit is designed to provide ENT specialists with an optimal solution by integrating all the required equipment’s and system

Mobile Compact ENT UNIT

The INSIGHT mobile compact ENT unit has been designed to provide ENT specialist with a portable ENT unit that integrates with the required equipments for diagnosis and treatment

Mobile General Diagnostic Unit

The mobile unit is the perfect solution for medical providers who desire to increase the quality of their work with the least hassle and the most possible flexibility

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